28 Years and counting

Relationships are work in progress all the time. I have been married to the same man for 28 years. People ask me how I do it. I say to them ,You can’t change the person you married. All  the  traits you hated before you got married they won’t go away. You have to love the whole person bad and good. Don’t try to change him, it doesn’t work. Don’t demand .Discuss. Accept the person he or she is.

If you  are unhappy with that person, and you want  him to be different and change who he is find another sucker.  Don’t marry him or her if you can’t talk or reason with them. You need to laugh with each other not at each other.  You also have to pick and choose your fights some things are not worth fighting about. You have to listen,love them unconditionally and don’t hold stuff over their head.Most importantly leave the past in the past .Because you can’t have a happy future if you dwell or live in the past.

Think about your life together, Fights over the same things over and over again is a problem.  Marriage is a mediation you have give  and take equally.Give him or her time to do the things he loves. Respect each other. Never degrade or swear at him.If he does it to you,you deserve better. Make sure you make love to him with no distractions.Know when to let him be, and don’t nag him.Love is a journey with many paths to choose.Choose the right one and life will be amazing.

Marriage is a path two people need to travel together. One should not always be the giver and the other the receiver. Marriage is an equal union..

Love is a journey two people lead together.


Bean Soup also know as Pasta Fagioli

Talking today about Italian Bean soup.  It was my aunt’s birthday the other day so I baked some cupcakes made her a card and brought her lunch. The Lunch was pasta Fagioli I am no even sure if this how you spell it.

This soups warms you from the inside out.

Pasta Fagiola is an Italian bean soup. It’s delicious if you make it right. It’s really awful if you make it wrong. It’s a  soup that will turn into a  thick bowl of pasta if you are not careful.

I have been struggling for years to find just the right combination of ingredients. Believe me I have tried so many ,they are either too complicated,time consuming or just plain blah. So one day I looked on the Barilla website . “Who knows pasta better than Barilla? ” There it was a simple recipe I could make my own. I can now say I have successfully produced a tasty bowl of Pasta Fagioli

celery,onions,diced or shredded carrots garlic,chicken broth,diced tomatoes and canolini beans,salt and pepper fresh spinach to top if off and grated italian cheese olive oil and a little butter

Coffee and a Muffin

I had to use some banana that were very ripe and a couple of peaches that could only be used for baking.So I decided to make Banana Peach muffins. I thought to myself  this would be great with a cup of coffee.

When I went to the store the other day I made a decision to buy the store brand coffee Essentials everyday french roast ,figuring how bad could it be. It cost me 5.99 for a large 29 oz can. It’s a bargain. I perked the coffee, it tasted like motor oil. I noticed I forgot to put a filter in the percolator so I perked it again with the filter figuring that’s why it taste so bad.Wrong it still tasted bad.


Choose your coffee wisely the bargain brand is not always the best choice.

Nothing permeates  fall more than a cup of coffee and a homemade Muffin. The coffee warms your bones and the muffin melts in your mouth.

Glad I had another brand of coffee to enjoy these muffins. Folgers coffee made the difference.


Love Happens

Marriage is a journey traveled together.

Appreciate love because faith can step in at any time.

Every wedding you attend there is a featured attraction the older aunts and uncles., The Aunts that  love to watch all the young people have fun,laughing dancing,tapping glasses,posing for pictures cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet. The uncles that Joke drink and socialize with all the old friends they haven’t seen in years. The aunts and uncles are enjoying the wedding in their individual way.

Then it happens, the couples hear it , a waltz or slow song interrupting the festivities. Immediately separation ends and they join hands entering the dance floor together to show their stuff. The couples are so cute approaching  the floor with their life long love,dancing effortlessly like they were appearing in  an old movie. It is wonderful to see love in it’s essence old and young. You begin to appreciate your own partner because love still exists and happiness goes on if you want it too.

As we age and life goes on, faith eventually steps in changing lives forever. Just this year faith has taken my aunts love of her life. It’s heart breaking to see her sadness, her broken heart but she goes on remembering and appreciating love. So today appreciate love and life remember it can change in one second. Take time for love today even if it’s for just a few minuets.Image

Job applications

I am talking today because  I just filled out an application to get a part time job at a craft store. Not only did I have to fill out the application but I had to be tested. This company  gives you 10 minuets to complete this. You would have to be a genius to complete it in the time allowed.

What happened to the good old days when you worked for a company and you worked your way up. You learned every part of the business so you can grow with the company. Not only were you reliable hardworking, but you didn’t need to be educated  by a Ivy league college,You only had to do your job ,do it well accurately and give it your 110% . Do your job well and you were appreciated for everything you did and that is how you got the promotion you wanted. Actions spoke louder than the words on your application. Why is it that companies hire  through temp agencies instead of hiring themselves. Of course there is no risk you can dangle someone around for years without any benefits attached. You come in one day and the company says bye we don’t need you any more without hesitation. There is no loyalties in this world when companies are involved . Doesn’t matter how much family time you missed because you had to work. life is short these days and companies have become vicious and unfeeling all they want is to drain the life out of you and if you don’t abide your dispensable. Remember the days you got a 3 month trial period? If  you were good you got the job if you weren’t  See Yah!!

I have worked in business from learning everything in the warehouse from,pulling, packing , shipping,receiving,quality control,returns,and eventually Customer service specialist. I am a hard worker,reliable,friendly dependable and a quick learner. Why is so hard to find a part time job . I know I am in the same boat with many others. That is why I am just talking. Society needs to get back to the basics. We need to start taking chances on people who are down on their luck or having a hard time finding a job because they are over or under qualified.  We need to start putting our faith in to people again. We need to get back the humanity in this world and find away to work as a team.

True Friends

Many people have friends. but some people have a best friend that stands out. Cherish her like she cherishes you.

A friend is someone you can count on no matter what? The other day I was at the store and when I went to start my car it just wouldn’t start. I immediately called my friend. She actually couldn’t get there to help me but she told me to wait and she sent her daughter who was closer to me. She insisted her daughter would come because she couldn’t. To me that’s a good friend. She was there for me when my mom passed, she was there when I had my boys and she was there when my husband and I renewed our vows. She has been with me through it all

Friends come in all shapes and sizes some are there through thick and thin. Other fly in and out of your life at their convenience.

A friend comes into your life when you need them,It may be for a short time or it may be for life. Some friends are keepers and some friends are Fly by nighters. Some friends are made by chance and some friends are made by life’s experiences. No matter what the case. Keep the friends that give to you what you give them. Stop trying to impress the ones that are only there at their own convenience.

Cherish your friendships that are true and unconditional.

Trick on my sister with a treat for trying

Hi Everyone,

Since this blog is just me talking I thought I would address the subject of halloween. I decided to play a little trick on my sister last year.

Costumes can be expensive But for fun last year I bought a $1.00 mask at the dollar store. I decided to put the mask on with a black sweatshirt,black gloves and black jeans. I used a pillow case for candy.

My sister lives right around the corner, so I walked to her house with my mask off of course then right before I knocked on the door I put my mask on and my hood up.

My nephew answered the door and I said “Trick or Treat.” He and his girlfriend were  all excited because it was their first tricker treater of the night. My sister came to the door to check it out. They didn’t recognize me . I wanted so badly to say It’s auntie but I didn’t. I thanked them and went on my way. After all you could mistake me for a kid when my face is covered. My body is short and my hands are small.

The next day I asked my sister if she had any tricker treater? She said” I got 1 trick or treater.”  I told her what I did and she laughed . This year don’t rent a costume create one. See it’s as easy as 123.

Halloween is fast approaching instead of renting one create one.

A Weird costume for only a $1.00